Final Fantasy XV: What To Expect

Final Fantasy XV is almost here. Just three more months. I can wait…I can wait. Just like all of those who are eagerly waiting for FFXV to come out, I played the PLATINUM Demo to get a taste of the epic franchise’s latest instalment. Oh, what a ride!  Those were 40 minutes I definitely won’t forget. The demo, even though too short, was definitely amazing! And it does give you a hint at what’s to come. So here’s what you can expect in FFXV based on what we’ve seen so far:


1-Better, more straightforward combat system.


Final Fantasy is known for its distinctive combat system where you plan your attack and it’s ALMOST turn-based, but it’s not, but it kinda is..? It’s even complicated to explain. I was never a fan of FF’s combat system, it was like raisin in perfect dessert (I hate raisins!). But whether you loved FF’s combat system or hated it like me, you WILL love FFXV’s combat system. It’s simple, fast and just straightforward. Somewhere in between Devil May Cry and The Witcher, lies FFXV’s combat system.


2-Stunning world.


The PLATINUM Demo only lets you visit three locations. And each of those locations feels like a world of its own. You’ll hesitate before going through the portal that takes you to the next location because you feel there’s a lot that you didn’t explore enough. The game, of course, will be much bigger than the demo, with a larger even more inviting world. Not only did we see the game’s world through the demo, but we got a taste of what the world feels like in the environment trailer.




The demo proved that the game isn’t afraid to do almost anything! Those plates that turn you into different animals are the best evidence that the game is totally wacky. The Alice In Wonderland segment where Noct (the protagonist) is shrunk and you climb books to make your way to the portal is another evidence. Imagine when this wackiness is in a much larger game.




Of course. It’s not Final Fantasy without a strong bond between some characters. The demo, as well as the trailers we’ve seen so far, hint at a strong father-son relationship between Noct and Regis (Noct’s father). Then there’s the bond that strengthens throughout the demo between Noct and his dream guide (whom you get to name, but it’s known as Carbuncle). And since the game is basically a road trip featuring Noct, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto, then there’s definitely a strong bond between them all. All these strong relationships mean we’ll definitely see some strong emotional moments in the game.


5-Connection with the characters.


Just as the demo started, I felt like I’ve known Noctis before, almost as if I’ve played a game where he was the protagonist. It didn’t take long to connect with Noct even though he didn’t say much in the demo. You won’t have a hard time caring about the characters and their stories in this game because everything feels surprisingly familiar.



Despite all the changes and entries in XV, it’s still a 100% Final Fantasy game, with chocobos, epic score, beautiful creatures & world, fun characters (looking at you, Prompto!) and epic storytelling.



The demo, which was supposed to be an appetizer that helps you wait till the real meal arrives, did the complete opposite and made me even more excited for FFXV, which is set to come out on September 30, 2016. Check out this trailer to see a glimpse of what’s to come.


-Mohamed Sherif


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